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Y.E.S. You’re Extremely Special, and yoga is for you.

Y.E.S. You’re Extremely Special, and yoga is for you.

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Y.E.S. You’re Extremely Special, and yoga is for you.

You’re not too “big,” too “old,” too “stiff,” or any other adjectives you’ve placed on yourself to keep you from investing in your physical health. Did you know that yoga is widely considered the most accessible exercise there is? You don’t need any fancy equipment, a special wardrobe, a yoga mat, or even a chair! All you need to do yoga is YOU! And you are more than enough. In our 60 minutes together, we will explore:

Meditation- the art of centering your thoughts, becoming present in your current moment and state, and allowing yourself to welcome stillness into your life.

Mindful breathing- prana (breath) is also known as “life’s force.” Yet more than 80% of us are breathing wrong! (Yes, you read that right…) We tap into various beginner-friendly breathwork exercises to stimulate and reprogram our minds to access deeper flow states.

Yoga- yoga asanas (poses) are one of the eight limbs of yoga. Moving your body allows you to experience a wide range of emotions, perspectives, and overall connectedness with your space, your body, and your practice.

Reflection- post-Savasana (final rest), enjoy a few moments of extended silence and allow the gravity of your practice to sink in. Use this time to reflect on the past hour, assess how your mind, body, and spirit feel, and express yourself through journaling, whether following along with the collective prompt, or exploring your own individual path through a free-write.

Grab your your yoga mat (or a chair without wheels), water bottle, towel, journal, and pen and come flow with us! All levels welcome and encouraged to attend. Secure your spot today, and #MeetMeOnTheMat!

Access will be sent via email AND text to all registrants - YOU WILL GET IT NO LATER THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR- PLEASE be careful about typos - check spam. Load Zoom EARLY so you will be able to access the webinar.

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