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Money Mastery Coaching Membership - Incredible Deal only $89 - No Code Needed

Money Mastery Coaching Membership - Incredible Deal only $89 - No Code Needed

$ 299.00 $ 178.00

This membership includes a monthly individual Money Mastery meeting with one of Lynn Richardson's personally trained Master Financial Coaches so you can strategize properly.  If you don't use your meeting slot, you can bank it for a future month (to use at a time when you may need multiple meetings to manage a financial issue).   Individual financial coaching can be hundreds of dollars per hour.  This is the Jordan Year . . . so let's work together so we can win together!

This membership also includes The Entrepreneurs Academy and everything below!

Lynn Richardson's Entrepreneurs Academy is where you literally learn to run your life like a business! 

Master Financial Coach Lynn Richardson and her team of experts offer master classes, webinars, live trainings and other tools and resources to help you start, makeover, build and maintain a profitable and relevant business. 

Initial Enrollment comes with ALL of the following:

Book: The Symphony: A Guide to Creating and Balancing Multiple Streams of Income

Book:  Living Check to Monday: The Real Deal About Money, Credit and Financial Security

E-Book: Master Budgeting and Business Journal for the YEAR!


Bonus E-Book:  Get Your Money Back! Tax Deductions You Never Knew About.


Access to the member portal with webinars, coaching tools, replays and master classes. 

Ebook: Lynn Richardson's Bookwriting Rules

Written Tax Reduction and Planning Assessment from Dr Lynn: Tax Reduction & Planning Consultation (this CONSULTATION alone is a $250 value)

Beyond 2020 Financial Coaching included plus:

21 Days to Financial Freedom, Credit Health KitHow to Start a Homebased Business How to Write a Book, How to Hire Your Kids (book not included), Road to Homeownership, How to Be a Real Estate Investor, How to Build Business Credit700 Credit ClubTax Talk Thursdays, 2020 Unplugged Master Class, Passive Income Streams Master Class, The Master Achievement Plan, How to Invest in the Stock Market, Lynn Richardson's Homebuyers Club, So You Started a Business, Now What? and many more master classes and webinars!

Income / Expense Worksheets, P&L Templates, Job Descriptions for hiring your kids or other family members, Learn to Live Your Life Like a Business, and more!


PLEASE NOTE . . . this is an ongoing membership subscription for $89 per month starting on the 1st of the month after enrollment (you can cancel any time); you also get HOME BASED BUSINESS MASTERY AND COACHING which includes one new module/master class each month, giving you time to learn and implement each element of creating a world class hombased business, LLC or corporation. 

Your active subscription also includes Lynn Richardson's Homebuyers Club and W.E.A.L.T.H. Vision 20/20 Financial Coaching

All enrollment services described herein are active as long as the subscription is active.  If you cancel your subscription, access to all services are cancelled simultaneously.


The Entrepreneurs Academy provides access to tools and resources that will help you:

Start a Profitable Homebased Business

Market Your Business Like A Mogul: Building A Global Brand 

Understand Which Business Entity Should I Form?

Know Your Numbers & Avoid Running a Broke Business

Understand Trademarks, Trade Secrets & Copyrights!

Plan for the Decade and Beyond 

Insure and Protect your Business 

Develop an Estate Plan

Gain Business Credit & Expansion, Loan Strategies, Prospectus Development and Understand Solvency Considerations

Models & Templates for Successful Businesses (Restaurant, Legal Practice, Online Business, Event Planning, Motivational Speaking & More)

Real Estate Strategies for Business Owners.

Not included: Business Finance 101, Business Finance 102, Business Reboot/Startup/Saturday School, Business Financial Consultation, How to Protect Your Business: Understanding Record Keeping & the Corporate Veil, Lynn Richardson's Financial Coaches Bootcamp, Author's Collaboration Circle, Make More Money Business Package, Financial Coaches Bootcamp, Speaker Training - Career Trainings and Business Protection classes are NOT INCLUDED.  This does not include an instant homebased business.  Please see the Platinum and Diamond W.E.A.L.T.H. Ambassador programs for additional offerings. 

The above list is subject to change at any time. 

No Refunds.

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