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Lynn Richardson's Speaker Training

Lynn Richardson's Speaker Training

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Have you dreamed of becoming a motivational speaker? Have you thought about speaking your way into another stream of income?    Do you want to get over your fear of speaking?  Do you need help crafting a powerful message?  Do you have a story to tell or a testimony that can help others?   Are you a great teacher with a passion to share what you know with others?


As a globally known motivational speaker, Lynn Richardson has mastered the techniques to help you win:

Crafting your message . . . 

Telling your story with passion . . . 

Turning your message into books, podcasts, and other income streams . . . 

Launching your speaking career when no one wants to hire you . . . 

A manual of contracts, client questionnaires, agreements, and legal forms you will need . . . 

In this training, you will learn the craft, then you will be coached on developing your message, and finally, you will be evaluated by Dr Lynn Richardson, her celebrity friends, and your peers.   Cameras will be on, so please come in your speaking attire.  

After the training, selected students will be invited to join Dr Lynn's ongoing Speak W.E.A.L.T.H. and Live Academy for ongoing training, support and business opportunities with corporations, non profit organizations, VIPs, and special events. 

This is a game changer.  It's time to speak! Two Full Day Sessions 

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