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Wealth University

Millionaires Before 30 Club

Millionaires Before 30 Club

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Start 2024 Off Right!  If you want to master money and lead the next generation financially, this program is for you!

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Dr Lynn and her team of financial experts are committed to creating new millionaires through financial education AND application.  If you are a teen or young adult, then this is the financial education program for you!  If you are over 26, you can still join . . . we'll help you become a millionaire before 35 or 40!!!! 

Our millennials and gen z's will learn the following:

1. How to increase your credit score to maximize your power and minimize the amount of money you pay other people.

2. How to build multiple streams of income.

3. How to start a retirement plan that will garner over 1 million dollars in value before the age of 50.

4. How to make your money grow.

5. How to invest in real estate strategically and safely.

6. To move out or not to move out:  knowing when it is the right time to move out AND build your financial future.

7. To have a wedding or not to have a wedding: things to consider when planning an expensive wedding vs making that money grow so the wedding can pay for itself and then some.

8. How to get your money back:  if you spend a dollar, do you know if you can get it back?  Learn more!

9, Access to attorneys, CPA, financial planners, estate planners and more FOR FREE!!!! You do not pay a separate consultation fee for advice. 

10.  Monthly Millionaires Before 30 Roundtable Discussion with Dr Lynn and other experts so you can stay on track with your goals. 

11. Master Classes, webinars, workshops, FREE access to events . . . and more!

12. One new E-Publication each month . . . and more!

NOTE . . . this is an ongoing subscription for $49 per month (you can cancel any time).  All enrollment services described herein are active as long as the subscription is active.  If you cancel your subscription, access to all services are cancelled simultaneously.

Initial Enrollment comes with two books that will be shipped. 

No Refunds.

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