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Get Your LLC In Order Bootcamp - $89 with 50% Off!

Get Your LLC In Order Bootcamp - $89 with 50% Off!

$ 179.00

This Bootcamp is 3 hours including Q&A.  Available on demand!

If you have an LLC but you don't have one or more of the following, you are not operating at your best.  You deserve a business that has the potential to help you achieve your financial and business goals, but you cannot achieve your greatest potential when operating out of order.  

This bootcamp will teach you the following:

1. Why you need a homebased business as a sole proprietor or single member LLC.

2. Paperwork and records that you need to operate properly.

3. Strategies to increase your business revenue and your profitability.

4. Strategies to help you expand your services in your LLC.

5. Introduction to hundreds of tax deductions that are only available to single member LLC / sole proprietors. 

6. Steps for creating income streams in your LLC.

7. How to expand the protection of your LLC brand (your name is only protected in your state) . . . 

And much more!

After you complete class, you will also get the Get Your LLC in Order Bootcamp workbook and access to the Get Your Money Back Ebook and 4 Hour Class.

This class DOES NOT include a Corporate Record Book or a Company Book.  That is a separate item, but we will review why you need it, what goes in it, and how to get it. 

No refunds. 


This class is FREE for Diamond Members and Platinum Members.  THIS COURSE IS NOT FREE FOR  W.E.A.L.T.H. Ambassadors, please use your referral link so you can earn 50% commission.  All other members (Entrepreneurs Academy; Homebased Business Mastery, Homebuyers Club, Wealth Vision, and Millionaires Before 30) please use your discount code that is listed in your welcome email. 

If you want to take this class for free, become a Platinum or Diamond Member today and get dozens more classes!

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