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Credit Health Kit

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Learn how to change your mind about money, dispute and delete items from your credit report, restore your credit after bankruptcy, get approved for a mortgage after bankruptcy, and more!

THE CREDIT HEALTH WEBINAR IS INCLUDED: Respecting, Repairing and Regaining Your Credit

You Don't Have to Suffer with Bad Credit Forever!

Get Your Credit in Order with this Credit Health Kit. 

Includes all of the following to help you transform your mind and your money; AND increase your credit score!

Webinar: Respecting, Repairing and Regaining Your Credit

Book: Living Check to Monday

Book: Living Beyond Check to Monday

Book: Yes You're Approved

FREE Coaching: 21 Days to Financial Freedom - online one on one coaching with Lynn plus a Financial Assessment from Lynn Richardson upon completion

Lynn Richardson's Mortgage Approval Plan (M.A.P.): Whether you are trying to buy a home or simply improving your credit score, this process has helped people with multiple bankruptcies recover and get back on their feet. 

No Refunds.

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